Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy:

We value our customer’s privacy which is why, written herein is our privacy policy that will clarify what information we ask of you and why. We only use your information as per stated in the applicable data protection laws.

We advise you to read our Terms and Conditions as well to learn more about how we operate and what are our requirements.


How do we collect your information?

We may ask for your information during the following:

- when signing up to be a member of our database,

- when purchasing any of our products,

- when registering to our newsletter to receive Oudy updates.

We may collect your information automatically as well through the use of cookies and/or any similar tracking technologies.

Keep in mind that collecting information happens through social media platforms, tracking mechanisms, filling forms, making a call to us, etc.… The collection of information will happen in both physical or digital forms.


What information about you do we ask for?

We may collect several information about you that could be necessary to:

-Fulfill your order,

-Provide warranty services,

-Verify your age

Information collected automatically are usually:

-details of your call to our call center

-information held in any sales outlet


We may collect information about you from a third party, in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. These information are usually shared publicly on social media platforms (such as Instagram or Facebook), or marketing lists from marketing agencies.

We may collect information in any other context that was made clear to you at the time.

Information collected from you directly will be made apparent to you when requested. For example, when ordering from our website, you will provide us with your name, phone number, billing and shipping details as well as the product you wish to purchase and your preferences. 


Why do we collect your information and on what legal basis?

In the following we will explain what are the purposes behind collecting your personal information. However, data protection laws differ in each country. Therefore, your data will be used according to what is allowed or prohibited in your country.

We use your information for the following:

-Selling you our products, including but not limited to fulfilling your orders and proceeding with your payments.

-Providing you with customer related services, such as responding to your questions and requests or providing warranty services.

-Advertising our products, including without limitation to product improvement, market research, marketing campaigns, and branching updates.

-For any other purpose which we will notify you of at the point where we ask of you for your information.


We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently modify or change, any or all sections of our privacy policy in order to change or improve our website.